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Do I Need A Banker or A Broker?
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Helping Ministries Fulfill Their Vision!

  • Mission Management & Consultants, LLC (MMC) is one of the premier church, school & Christian Ministry finance firms in the United States.
  • MMC is an experienced team of bankers and professionals, called to the ministry of obtaining financing for Christian organizations; whether for new financing, restructuring existing debt, or a combination of both.
  • MMC serves as in-house bankers and finance specialists for the client ministry. We work exclusively for the ministry and will not take any fees—disclosed or otherwise—from any other source in the client’s transaction. We are mortgage bankers, NOT brokers, or a middleman, and will not accept compensation from lenders.
  • MMC will (through the information provided in a one-page Church Survey Form - Application) establish the budget right up front—how much money the ministry can borrow and how much it can afford to repay.
  • MMC confidentially secures carefully targeted offers from senior level conventional and non-conventional lending sources—under terms we dictate for our clients – not the lender!
  • MMC negotiates and attracts (on behalf of the ministry) the best rates, best terms and best conditions.

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