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Do I Need A Banker or A Broker?
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How Does It Work?
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How Does It Work?

How Your Church Benefits From Our Experience:

First, Mission Management and Consultants, LLC (MMC) is NOT a broker—we are bankers who serve as your ministry's in-house banker and financial counsel with other bankers. Pastors speak church, congregations speak church, but MMC speaks bank and we compel lenders to cut the costs of their loans for our clients, because we understand the process inside and out. We will not take any hidden or disclosed compensation from a lending institution. If they offer us “a fee” for the referral, we refuse it and instead force them to include the offered fee as part of your reduced loan costs…period. Your congregation would be hard pressed to obtain a better loan at better terms and conditions than those obtained on your behalf by MMC.

Second, we have no advanced compensation or hidden fees. Every transaction that MMC undertakes is on a contingency basis. As a result of our underwriting, we generally are able to bring several bank offers to your church for consideration, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal. MMC is only compensated when a Loan and Credit Facility is approved, accepted by our client(s) and funded.

Third, our contract provides for our exclusive representation for a set time period during the loan process. Because of our 25 years of banking expertise and high volume of loan procurements, banks are eager to bid on our projects. You will need to provide us with the information as requested on a checklist of financial information essential to obtaining a loan, and very importantly for us to “structure” and underwrite a request that meets the needs and financial abilities of your congregation. We will not assist you in obtaining financing for more than your church can afford. We will also not seek to obtain financing that fails to meet the complete objective of the phase of church building under consideration. It serves no one to have the foundation and walls in place and not be able to complete the job on time and within budget.


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