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On December 30, 1997, our founder received a vision to create Mission Management and Consultants, LLC, for the sole purpose of funding Christian churches, schools, and ministries.

Mission Management is an experienced team of bankers and professionals, called to the ministry of obtaining financing for Christian organizations with new or restructuring existing mortgages. Our mission is to help Christian churches, schools, and ministries manage cost through professional financing solutions. Our Founder has been in mortgage and banking for a quarter of a century.

Today, MMC has representation and funds projects in 47 states.

Mission Management is one of the premier church finance firms in the nation and is confident in our service to our clients. We are passionate about what we do and we fight to save every penny for our clients. We recognize that every savings goes back to the church for more ministry and ultimately more souls for the Kingdom of Christ. We encourage you to review the seven-and-one-half minute video at our Home Page to better understand the enthusiasm our clients and design-build groups exude about our skills and achievements on their behalf.

Mission Management welcomes you to complete our no-obligation, no-cost application at our Home Page and we will set your budget, knowing exactly how much your organization can qualify for and how much your organization can afford to pay in mortgage financing.

Let us help your ministry fulfill its vision! We turn visions into reality!




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